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Love springs spontaneously from within

sol solsara heart

Love arises deep inside the wellspring of your heart.

Create peaceful moments today and notice beauty –

your Love inside will bubble up.

** this heart where branches subtly came together in early morning sunshine was taken by Micco Emeson at the Solsara (practice of opening) grounds in Eugene, Oregon on Larry Kaplowitz property, the owner of both – Solsara and Coconut Bliss.

This is powerful quote Larry signed his email with….
Love has to spring spontaneously from within; it is in no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force. Love and coercion can never go together; but while love cannot be forced upon anyone, it can be awakened through love itself.

Love is essentially self-communicative; those who do not have it catch it from those who have it. Those who receive love from others cannot be its recipients without giving a response that, in itself, is the nature of love.

True love is unconquerable and irresistible. It goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone it touches. Humanity will attain a new mode of being and life through the free and unhampered interplay of pure love from heart to heart.”  Meher Baba

loving you,

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