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Love Unraveling

love unraveling

Yesterday I heard the familiar ring from my phone that someone had just texted.

To my surprise there was a note –

… ‘in life’s unraveling, there is Love’
including a photo of a laundered white towel with the edges coming completely unraveled where
one string had spontaneously landed into a ‘sign of Love’.

I knew what that one single thread -that just showed up as a heart – out of nowhere – in the mundane of an ordinary day meant to the beautiful lady that sent it to me, and I was touched.

She had gone through incredible changes last year, changes that completely unraveled her life one thread at a time. And still, it seems there is more unraveling.

Could Love be the unraveling? – the thread that weaves all of our life, and the same thread that seemingly unravels to recreate a new life that is more brilliant, has more depth and shimmers in the Light of the truth of who we really and truly are, not who we so often might pretend to be.

We yearn to live.

I’ll always remember during Reiki training when my Reiki teacher, Marie Manuchehri slowly meandered up to the massage table that I was on. The energy of my fear was palpable.

I looked at her and said – ‘I think I’m afraid to die’….and to my astonishment she said…’No, Theresa – you are afraid to live.’

Perhaps it is Love that unravels us so that we can live.

Living is Being…..alive.

Alive. Alive to who we are in our deepest core – that joyful, loving, liberated, creative, hopeful, spontaneous, brilliant, sacred being. Being all of that, or some of that, or as much as we dare to be – isn’t that when we are truly alive?

May we remember, in the unraveling of life, Love is there – so that we can live, truly live.
loving you,

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