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one foggy morning

redwood park heart small

This morning turning open the shades to greet yet another beautiful autumn dawning, a cozy mist of dense fog whispered in my h’ear’t…  – ‘come – sit by the fire and just ‘be’… be still in this moment’.
And so I did.

I breathed in the beauty of streetlights shimmering through the cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the blanketed atmosphere.

The lights cast their golden glow on the magnificent reds, gold and orange leaves that were dancing ever so slightly, and were so gracefully and completely letting go, one by one.  Allowing time and space so that all that is new and fresh could come alive and would soon flourish in new colors of greens, pinks, shades of white, purple, red and yellows.

This season always reminds me I can let go and trust, and that, that process was meant to be as beautifully awesome as the  silent, drifting, colorful leaf in front of me being carried by something completely invisible and all powerful… and as that leaf, and that one.

It seems surreal that just two days ago we started the month where gratitude is the central theme we aspire to live and when we talk often of being filled with thankfulness.

It’s why I love this time of year that brings us back to our heart and what matters most.

So much has happened over the year for all of us.  It seems all we could do was be in each day, one step at a time, through the unknown courageously moving forward, even when there were times we thought we were going backward.

And now we look back at it all – and see differently, and can only bow in the deepest gratitude for this precious gift we call life.

I was deeply touched listening to Reid Tracy at Wayne Dyers’ celebration, where he told us he had the inspiration to send letters of gratitude to the people who are dearest him and those that had greatly influenced his life.

Tears welling up, Reid told us he was so grateful that he had written one of those letters to his dear friend Wayne months before his sudden passing.

This morning I am inspired as we begin this month, to write one small note card of gratefulness a day and send to someone I love and appreciate each day from now until Thanksgiving Day.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll even be inspired to write to someone I haven’t appreciated so much, but now I see wonderful things I’ve missed and want to tell them.

Maybe  one day I’ll write to my precious grandmother who isn’t here anymore, but I hold in my heart ever so close and tell her all she meant to me – maybe I’ll address it to heaven and find a beautiful tree to bury it under.

I don’t know who it will be that I write to – I do know starting tomorrow there are 22 days, and 22 opportunities of deep gratitude for me to send a ‘sign of love’ from my heart to someone that’s made a difference in my life.

If you would like to join me – I’ve asked my dear friend, Amy Bremner, to create lovely note cards. She is a licensed artist and graphic/web designer. If you’d like – you can download her design too – just click the image below. (it is her gift to you- thank you, Amy!)

Know that I have missed you, remembered you and send you my deepest love and gratitude for touching my life.




** photo by Jessica Cooper, Eugene, Oregon taken at Redwood Park, California

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