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Something happened

SOL heart wings

Something happened –  I don’t know what exactly or why, except that I completely surrendered.

The nagging voices in my head that kept pushing me to ‘do more‘ silenced, and I was okay with just ‘being‘ me.

This was my inner conversation one beautiful morning walk a few weeks ago with tears streaming like a gentle flowing river.

I was loving the beauty, the quiet and peaceful morning rays – my heart was full and I thought….

Oh, if all I did while I am here is help people love a little bit more, if I could help them see a tiny degree more beauty, and love the texture of life just a wee bit more – that would be enough.

I remembered back in the late fall of 2010 being on the beach in Ventura, California, pondering what my place in the world was – and magically finding the most amazing heart-shaped flat rock with wings embossed in the center.

I remember wondering what the deeper message was, but one thing I knew for sure – if I just stayed in my heart and loved, I would fly.

Memories continued to flood me of all the times spontaneous hearts showed up in my path and spoke to me, uplifted and assured me.  Every time, I counted the hearts as Signs of Love.

I wondered if there was a way to remind you, to ‘look for Signs of Love’…and NOW there is! (take a peek)

loving you with all my heart,



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