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Megan Zaback

A major shift has begun

It’s beautiful how no words can fully and truly describe how I now feel deep inside. An uncoiling has happened; a major shift has begun and I feel it everyday. In these last five weeks I have experienced some profound changes in my life, in me. I was faced with situations that in the past I would have ran from, and instead I faced them, I turned toward them and allowed my heart to shine through.  I feel so strong and centered in who I am and I love it! I have a clarity and knowing about myself that I didn’t before. I am so blessed to have experienced this…thank you Theresa, thank you for your many gifts that have touched  my life in so many wonderful and loving ways!


Melody LeBaron, space & personal clearing practitioner

Effects were immediate and lasted over time

As the year began, I felt myself getting caught in the undertow of loss and grief. I felt tired, stuck, unable to take action on things I needed to do. As an Space and Personal Clearing practitioner, I know the vital importance of receiving clearing and support when we need it. I opted to receive sessions with Theresa because I trust the heart-space she holds: I could show up as vulnerable as I was feeling inside, because I know she holds no judgment.

The sessions were powerful; the effects were immediate AND lasted over time. I literally cannot even remember what some of those limiting beliefs were. They cleared so completely, vanished! I can still remember the losses, but the emotional pain is gone. I’ve been able to take powerful aligned action to move forward in my life and my business. Best of all, the loved ones I’d felt so concerned about have also moved toward healing!

If you are considering working with Theresa, let me assure you: you will benefit.


Shaanen Cross, Love Coach

Gifted energy healer

Theresa, you are a gifted energy healer and a powerful intuitive.  Working with you helps me to access an entirely different plane of creativity and knowingness.  I completely trust your intuitive hits and find them to be a guiding light in our work together.  You always inspire me to honor myself and my own wisdom and that helps me to bring my best work out into this world.  I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to experience your gifts first hand and the incredible impact that has had on my life both professionally and personally.


Jan Kinney

Everything was going to be okay

Theresa is amazing!  I have gone from procrastinating to easily implementing work I used to dread doing, from taxes to reorganizing closets!  During my time of deep grief, her processes were powerfully healing and lightened my heart during the journey, making it possible for me to get through the storm with a sense of knowing, ‘everything was going to be okay’, including me.  I am always impressed and touched by Theresa’s love, caring and insight-fulness.


Erin Crutcher

I can see out of my right eye!

Being legally blind, I was shocked to wake up after just one advanced-pulse session and see out of my right eye again, not perfectly but I can see the left side now. Theresa, you don’t know what that means to me.  Also, later on in the week an incident happened that normally would have really triggered me into an old story and old responses. I was so surprised how neutral I was, like it didn’t even bother me. I feel so much lighter.


Beverly Montgomery

I felt whole again

Recently, I completely fell apart. The love and energy Theresa held for me, allowed me to come back to myself and begin to heal. Her energy work and through the ‘pulse technique’ my energy began to shift until I felt whole again.  I am so grateful.  I truly felt a miracle take place.  I went from darkness to total light.


Amy Bremner

Sugar addiction has vanished!

My sugar addiction has LITERALLY almost vanished, my cravings have diminished dramatically. Once in a while I want something sweet and when that happens I’m now quickly satisfied and I easily stop. After a few sessions I also noticed I was making headway in recovering from post traumatic stress disorder and my breathing.  Working with a psychologist for months we just couldn’t seem to change my breathing pattern.  I was stuck in fight-or-flight mode and only took short, shallow breaths, even if I tried to take in a deep breath, my diaphragm would stop me and it would actually hurt my chest.  I would also simply stop breathing regularly throughout the day, it was very frustrating and disheartening. After working with Theresa, I am actually breathing deeply and without conscious effort – it is wonderful!

Gabriele Leidecker

Touched my spirit

Your work touched my spirit in a very loving and compassionate way.  What I most wanted was energetic assistance in ‘taking the edge off’ the intensity I was feeling and that was my experience.


Linda Hollowell

Far exceeded my expectations

The pulse sessions with you indeed far exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed at how gently and subtly the energy work influenced me, and still is – mind, body and spirit.

Linda LaClaire

Empowered technique and deep caring

For those seeking a gentle yet profound life shift from the old story into the new, I highly recommend Theresa and her healing gift combination of both empowered technique and deep caring presence.

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