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Stories about Signs of Love

Sometimes it’s the most seemingly insignificant moment that quietly changes us.  We have no idea the seed that was gently planted and the love that would grow inside, because we were present that specific ordinary moment.

Out in the woods, on a forest trail winding through tall sequoias, cedars, wild azalea and the rushing aqua-blue McKenzie River hugging the path, my friend picked up a little ‘heart’ rock she spotted and handed to me.  ‘It’s for you’, she says, I find heart rocks everywhere’.

I have never looked for heart rocks and never found any either.  As I held this miniature sculpture of love created wildly by hands of nature, my heart was touched and I wanted to find heart rocks everywhere too.

I began to look for hearts, hearts in the sky, hearts in the trees, hearts on the ground – it did not matter where…and I found them.

To know we are loved and lovable connects us to the core of who we are, the essence of the truth that is underneath all the stuff of what we buy into, of who we are ‘not’.   When we are reassured we are deeply loved – our heart opens in love, and we love.  In that instant, we know we are not alone.

It’s why I love finding hearts.  No matter what’s going on for me, when I spot a ‘heart’, I’m reminded I am loved, I am lovable and I am love.  What a magnificent Universe we live in to shower us with signs of love all the places we go.

Hawaii is always a memorable time for vacationers of sun, fun, ocean waves and warm sand.  Our last trip to Hawaii was all of that, and yet included another dimension that etched its memory indelibly in my heart.  As I write this, I still can feel how wide open my heart felt, the tears of gratitude raining down my sun-kissed face and the deep connection I knew.

We stayed in a beachfront home elevated a few feet above the ground so it was easy to walk a ways under the house.  It was a beautiful rocky shore of big black flat rocks and loads of coral scattered plentifully, and so walking on this not-so-sandy beach that required flip flops with some serious tread.

To my surprise, only a few feet on this little trek, a coral heart greeted me.  Absolutely delighted, I picked it up and started towards the sea again watching every step with care, not feeling very confident on this intemperate terrain.

With every look I found another heart coral, and another, and another until I had gathered over 20.  Every coral heart I held and cherished as signs of love.  I can’t tell you how seen and loved I felt.

The dolphins were calling me, so we’d wake up early and drive to beaches they hang out most.  I’d walk along the shore as the waves would come in and wash my feet, bringing new gifts in, taking away others as the waves cycled in and out.  Heart coral after heart coral was delivered right to my feet at beaches from one end of the island to the other.

I’m not sure why we forget so easily, how held in love we are.  The routines of our lives, challenges, the hurry and worry seem to put us in a zone that feels like it’s all on me, I have to do this by myself, it’s up to me to figure out…and in our minds we dance, alone.  In truth, we’re always connected to love.

Our living room window frames amazing cottonwood trees and in every season they make hearts, precious reminders of love.  When the tree is bare and the foundation is exposed, limbs will curve and invariable create a heart or two as welcomed signs of love all winter long, and in the spring it is the leaves that open the perfect space, shaping the hearts.

One summer afternoon, my mind chatter would not stop and I felt so disconnected. If only I could just be at peace and feel light again.  I took a bike ride along the river, stopped for a moment and lay on the grass. I looked up just in time to see a puffy white ‘heart’ cloud glide by…and then I remembered, love.

Every day on my way to the office there’s a few paint splatters on the sidewalk, and even in paint there’s signs of love!  Among blobs of faded paint on the sidewalk are very clear heart blobs, and as much as I hesitate to admit it – I’m looking down a lot taking this walk.  So, most days I see a painted heart reminding me I’m loved and to love.

Today, I saw a new sign of love.  My husband has been flat on his back the last few days in extreme discomfort.  It’s not been easy for him to be so helpless.  This afternoon my husbands’ 84 year old dad climbed our stairs and a bit breathless sat at his bedside, sweetly offering to do anything he could for his son.

As my husband told the story he could hardly speak the words between little sobs and tears, and the unspoken I heard, was the love and acceptance he felt from his dad that he had never felt before.
And I realized, I have been so grateful for nature’s hearts I see that are signs of love – but what I witnessed today listening, was perhaps the greatest sign of love.

A few years ago, I wanted to find heart rocks everywhere.
Today, I want to find signs of love everywhere – in every shape and form.

Look for signs of love – they are everywhere; and may many ‘hearts’ sparkle your days.

Theresa Gooch


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