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Love is so much bigger (remarkable story)

sol hovering heart

Love is so much bigger than you.

Look for Signs of Love. (remarkable story – scroll down)

We almost hyperventilate, in the least our breath is shallow moving in and out, staying just above our waist.  I suppose it’s because we automatically breathe – that being conscious of breathing is last on our priority list when life is going full throttle in the fast lane.

Can you relate?  Even though you are enjoying the pace, excitement and changes – it is so easy to not be grounded. And then you feel so disconnected, and the hunger pangs in your spirit call to be filled with beauty, truth and simple quiet moments of stillness. And so, you finally listen.

That’s how I had been feeling.  The day was glorious.  I locked the office door behind me and hopped on my bike so that I could taste the fresh air and and sing with the river beside me.

When we pause for tiny moments to notice beauty and breathe deeply, every cell resonates, revives and our spirit comes alive. (that’s what loving does for us.)

This early evening I parked my bike and stretched out across the bench and looked up into the blue sky with a few scattered fluffy clouds, then closed my eyes and listened to the flow of the river.

In one precise eternal moment, I opened my eyes again and looked up.  I saw the sky had opened and this enormous sky heart was hovering directly above me – it was an incredibly large heart, so, so much bigger than me.

Love is ALWAYS bigger than you and me.  The me that has to figure it all out, and do, do, do…especially do it ‘right’.  Love is SO  much bigger.

Let go today and Love.  Fill your spirit up going where you love and take in moments of beauty, connect deep inside to the life of you, the breath of you – and know – know you are deeply loved, always loved.

loving you,

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