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We would love to see the HEARTS – the Signs of Love that have graced your path.

If you receive the daily Signs of Love and would like to share your ‘heart’ photographs and/or story, here’s all that’s needed.

1.  Sending the image

The image must be authentic, but can be enhanced to show the beauty your eye saw.
Please note: It’s just fine for images to not be edited, and to send in the snapshot as is. Look For Signs of Love® reserves the right to reproduce and edit your images. No watermarks or stock photography please. Image must be a JPG or PNG file.  Include your brief bio, name, website (optional) with your image and/or story if you’d like it to link back to you.

2.  Include with the image or story
Where in the world you saw the Heart/Sign of Love.
Your name, website and/or Facebook link. (optional)

Optional:  Include 2-3 sentences describing your experience finding the SOL (Sign of Love)

3.  Blog submissions – the longer story

Include all of the above. Please keep your SOL story 650-1100 words and include the life changing impact a Sign of Love had in your life.

These stories do not need to only be about found ‘hearts’.  Sometimes a Sign of Love may show up in different ways and our hearts are deeply touched – these stories will be accepted. Look For Signs of Love® reserves the right to edit your stories.

Write from your heart, this is not a site exclusive to professional writers or photographers,this is for the raw, authentic, loving heart in all of us.

4.  Submit
Fill out the form below to submit. Please specify SOL submission in the subject line. You will be notified within three weeks of submission if your image or story has been chosen. I read all submissions. I am so excited to see and hear the Signs of Love you share.

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Your heart story (if submitting a story)

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