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About Theresa Gooch


‘Love is the code woven throughout the Universe that unlocks the joy of life, the whole purpose of being alive.’

My hope and vision is that we all begin to focus on what is ‘love-ly’ by recognizing with our physical eye natures hearts – all those ‘signs of love’ supporting us and that it will open our inner eye to ‘see’ signs of love in each other and all of life.’

Theresa Gooch is an energy practitioner with a mission to bring an awareness of the hearts encoded in nature that she believes are meant to be ‘signs of love’ to awaken our heart to look for signs of  love in each other, in our conversations, experiences and all of life.

She has studied, practiced and learned several energy clearing and healing modalities to help change her own life and appreciates the opportunity to share what she has learned to help others create the life they yearn for, and to move forward in life’s adventure more rapidly, easier and more gently.

Theresa is continually learning and deepening her work, most recently becoming proficient using her favorite, the Advanced-Pulse energy clearing technique developed by Jo Dunning.

She offers the Advanced-Pulse energy clearing technique as a powerful way to help change things in one’s life they’d like different through private individual sessions and life changing programs she has created.

Theresa has authored a children’s book – ‘It Was My Star’, hosted and led women retreats, kids’ camp and serves as a mentor for those in transitions and ready to live from the magical place of their heart.

Theresa’s other websites:
The I-am Joy Ride
Personal Power Inner Peace


About Look For Signs of Love Project:

I believe when the reticular activation center of our brain begins to recognize natures ‘hearts’ (I call them signs of love) all around us reminding us we are loved, that our hearts will open bit by bit and we will recognize ‘signs of love’ in every conversation, experience and fellow being.  I’m certain this will change us.

Having a ‘daily heart’ land in your inbox every day will help activate that part of your brain and awaken that place in your heart to see signs of love.

Look for Signs of Love – they are everywhere, in every corner of our beautiful, amazing world, and may you recognize them in you, in others and all of life!

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