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What Signs of Love are all About


What if we all saw hearts in the sky, trees and ocean sand – and Signs of Love in every experience, conversation and fellow being?

Share your Photographs & Stories with us

Imagine a world where we all see ‘signs of love’ (hearts)’ in nature, and it awakens our heart to Look for Signs of Love in ourselves, each other and all of lifeThe more people who notice hearts in our world – the more others will.

Send in photographs of the hearts you see and where you are in the world and be a part of it all! If you have a website you’d like to promote, we’ll include that too! Let’s share the love!

There is a part of our brain that can be activated to see hearts;  and there’s a place in our heart that can be awakened to “Look for Signs of Love”.

This site is for everyone. We welcome all photographs with hearts you’ve found in nature and spontaneous hearts that show up in your path. Submission Guidelines are simple. Send in your photographs, and/or personal Signs of Love stories.

If you know someone who exemplifies being a Sign of Love, that has impacted lives just quietly loving – send me the details, I want to hear all about it!

How it works

Imagine if we all saw hearts in nature, and every time we spotted a heart – it opened our heart -
and we began to see ‘signs of love’ in every conversation,  experience and fellow being?

We believe, it’s an idea that will change us.

Look for Signs of Love project includes:

  • A daily Sign of Love (SOL), a world-wide, amazing heart photograph landing in your inbox each day – with a little message of love.
  • Once a week – a remarkable story. Most times these spontaneous hearts have a cherished story because they show up when our heart needs healed, reassured and reminded that we are loved, seen and heard. Check out the submission guidelines if you have a story to share.

Upload your own heart photo and be a part of the movement!

Be sure to check out the submission guidelines before you upload your image or story.

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