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Love token – ‘pay it forward’


A Love token – ‘pay it forward’

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Sometimes, and probably most of the time – we have no idea when, how or what it was that touched and changed ones life in a day, simply because we were just loving and living, being our authentic self…being a ‘love token’!  I was reminded of this recently, from a story I learned.

A family had moved from across the United States.  Everything was new.  The landscape, culture, food, weather was all different…and they had no acquaintances or relatives to make them feel at home.

Although they had a strong beautiful presence, they were quiet and unassuming as they checked into their new apartment.

During the next few months the landlord hardly saw them except when they paid their rent. She was always happy to see them as they exchanged short cheerful conversation.

One day, this lovely family brought in their notice to vacate, and as they left on the final day, the landlord handed the darling little 2 year old a children’s book she had written.

The landlord knew she would never see this family again – they were headed back across the United States, back home.

Five years later, it’s the same landlord.  She’s at her computer intently focused on her work.  She hears someone walk through the door and looks up.

A gentleman moves towards the office with confidence and a huge smile on his face – he felt so familiar, but the landlord is not recognizing him.

In a matter of seconds the gentleman is holding out his hand to shake…’do you remember me?, he says.  Frantically, the landlord is racing through her mind – who is this person I know, but I don’t know?  All she could say is – ‘you are so familiar’, I’m so sorry – tell me who you are.

He says his name, the landlord remembers the name and slowly connects back to remembering this family from 5 years ago.  The gentleman tells the story of getting the book, of a short conversation that he and the landlord had exchanged way back then, where the landlord encouraged him to follow his heart.

He then, joyfully proceeded to show pictures on his phone of amazing artwork he had dared to do because of having a simple conversation so many years ago where 2 people (in probably a matter of seconds) shared their hearts with meaningful and uplifting words.

This story rang a deep chord in my heart.  We truly have no idea who we touch in a day, it is so worth being authentic, being in your heart and being you.

Even a warm smile can make ALL the difference to a brother or sister, a recognition eye to eye- heart to heart.

loving you,

(ps – I’ll tell you about the ‘love token’ pictured above soon) 
For right now, let me just say…I’ve been giving them away and it’s been so fun and amazing!
One day a beautiful lady came into my office feeling so unworthy and unloved, tears in her eyes and conversations about herself that made my heart break.  When I had a chance I picked 3 little roses and put in a little vase that I placed on top of a ‘love token’ by her door step.
That afternoon I had a hair appointment, and as I was waiting my turn outside, a little 7 yr. old girl was playing inside.  She stood in the doorway and peered at me, so I invited her over and asked if she’d like something…then handed her a ‘love token’.  She was so delighted, she ran over to her mom flashing the love token and showing the hair dresser.  While the hairdresser was doing my hair she mentioned what perfect timing the love token was for this precious little girl…due to legalities -she was being pulled away from her mom to live with her dad who she has never been with.  These are just a couple stories….

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