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Story of the Cosmos


A little reminder of grace.
Here’s how it went….
Sometimes I thought it would never happen, sometimes I completely forgot about it –
and lots of times I smiled and knew.
I watered, loved and wondered what it would look like and what color would burst into brilliance.
But I never expected this…
In the late summer, I mentioned to Jessica our assistant, that one of my favorite passages in ‘The Sophia Code’ (pg. 48) by Kaia Ra was this….
” The seed of all miracles is faith, and the space in which those miracles blossom is called grace.”
A few mornings later I walked into the office and on the window ledge was a teacup filled with black soil sitting on a small plate that had the quote handwritten in gold ink.
Touched and delighted, I watered and watched. I was so thrilled when the first sprout quickly came to greet me.
This precious seed planted that reminded me every day …’the seed of all miracles is faith…’ .
My appreciation for this living reminder continued daily as I watered and watched the tender plant grow until it was clear in order for the plant to live and flourish, the roots needed more space and more soil.
One warm sunny afternoon I transplanted this plant into a pot on our patio.
I continued to water and watch….and then, there were days that would go by where I didn’t.
Always, this thriving plant made my heart smile whenever I stopped by.
I would remember faith is the starting point of miracles, seeds of faith planted inside my sacred heart.
The place where all that was needed in this present moment was to simply surrender into the embrace of grace.
The season changed and I didn’t need to hand water so much, and days came and went.
The days turned to weeks since I had visited.
One bright autumn day – relaxing on the deck for a recent lunch I glanced over at the pot –
and to my astonishment and delight this miracle plant that was previously barely noticeable because it mingled so naturally with all the other plants,
had shot up straight and tall about 2 feet higher than all the others!
Eager to discover buds on the tall plant, I looked and didn’t see any.
I wanted reassurance that ‘buds of miracles’ were in process –
and I felt my heart sink a bit.
Hope was fading inside me that ‘miracles would blossom’.
It was okay – I felt grateful to witness a visual of the promise and power of one tiny seed of faith growing in grace that had skyrocketed in stature above the other plants.
My heart would still smile each time I visited this plant or thought about it.
To my great surprise and joy, days later… little buds began to appear.
However, the weather had turned cold and the time for this plant to bloom had already passed.
The promise of a blossomed flower within the bud, is a miracle in and of itself.
I was grateful for the visual of the ‘promise’.
Doubt and ‘common sense’ that tries so hard to cushion disappointment of possibly not getting what we hoped for would sometimes entertain my thoughts when I noticed the buds so close to bursting open, but remained closed so tight.
Wah Lah! – a miracle happened one unexpected day…. the first blossom bloomed!!
And…you know what?! …
There are always enough sunny days – because that’s what grace is.
‘…and the space in which those miracles blossom is called grace’.
Without hope, there is no faith because there is nothing to have faith in.
Hope is the vision that our heart cherishes and sees in living color.
Faith holds ‘hope’s’ vision and lets go into the knowing and allowing of the unknown…
that It Is Done.
Miracles blossom in the unknowable space of Grace, and as those blossoms bloom into full fruition —
inside the center of every blossomed miracle are many times more seeds of faith.
And so, we plant again, we have a lot more hope and many more seeds of faith.
We water, nurture, wonder and smile at every seed of faith that is born because of hope, which by their very nature continually blossoms into innumerable more miracles in the space of grace, from the ever-increasing seeds of faith.
May your every vision of hope become seeds of faith that you plant in your heart and trust grace.
May your life flourish and may your miracles multiply and abound every day this year.
Loving you,

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